Am just another two legged, called anand,  who wants to improve as a person , animator , artist.. Here to keep myself inspired, learn, share …to have fun animating….

Thanks for your visit and comments…

9 Responses to “About”

  1. sandeep mucherla Says:

    That’s great ra mamu. Keep it up.

  2. s.karthick Says:

    anna just now i opened ur site it is good to see anna .send ur user name in cgtantra so i can send my works to u for corrections and sugesstions
    bye anna .

  3. Benita Says:

    Good work, continue to improve……..
    Best Wishes….

  4. Benita Says:

    Hey, those new ones are really goooooooooddddd….
    Excellent improvements…….

  5. Shweta Says:

    First of all let me congratulate u…..ur work is brilliant…(24fps section)……

    I’m aspiring animator…..want to practice weights so just wanted to know whr(site) can i find a rigged sack like u hv in ur show reel …..

    Sorry to bother u….dear.

    Thank you!!


  6. dark_angel Says:

    Hey Aanand,

    U r a good Animator… Though these are ur starting assignments u have taken a proper care to show exact emotions of Vanilla while he puts the Weight thing…

    Brilliant Work, Good Efforts, Keep it up !!

  7. Hey Anand! Says:

    Hey Anand! I was just surfing through blogs and discovered urs. Ur work is nice :] Plz tell me ur mail id.

  8. M sasi Says:

    Hi anna !
    This is sasi. Seeing your animations

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