Here is my tried to polish version

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3 Responses to “Update….”

  1. DJ Says:

    Hi anand,

    Good work. I like ur work. Keep going. Only comment I would give u is to think more deeply about ur breakdowns. For many moves, you can push the poses and timing with better breakdowns. For example in this animation, when he is standing up, he is going in a “linear” fashion, that is he is moving same distance each frame, neighter acceleration nor deceleration. I would think of favouring the down position and moving slower in the beginning and faster in the middle and then cushioning into the top position.

    I hope im writing clearly.
    Overall good work. keep goin! U will benifit a lot from APT surely.


  2. Rox Says:

    it’s good! the weight is there.. body language is cool . poses are strong!!! just one thing u lost concentration on arcs a lil bit and the moving holds.. nice works bro..i love watching more [:)]

  3. anand Says:

    Thanks DJ, Rox.

    rox- yes, this is still an unfinished piece, u were right abt arcs and holds… even some of d breakdowns needs work .. thanks a lot..

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